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A combination of our Cool and Warm Botanical Palettes, plus Lemon Ochre and Burnt Sienna Crimson, this collection of color is perfect for any artist looking for a versatile, bright and vibrant palette. Beyond botanicals, this palette is a wonderful choice for sunsets and skies. Combine Quinacridone Red and Mayan Green Deep for a deep purple that works for silhouettes and landscapes. Combine Hansa Yellow and Marigold Orange for intense summer golds, or blend Hooker’s Green and Dioxazine Purple to create dramatic shadows and foliage.

Colors included are Hansa Yellow, Hansa Yellow Light, Marigold Orange, Scarlet, Quinacridone Red, Manganese Violet, Dioxazine Purple, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green Blue Shade, Lemon Ochre, Burnt Sienna Crimson, and Mayan Green Deep.