Available in an astounding range of more than 235 colors, Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors are made by hand in Seattle, Washington. This superior-quality watercolor line includes historical hues, amazing earths, and some of the brightest and boldest quinacridones ever formulated.

    More highly pigmented and finely ground than any watercolors on the market, Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors also boast superior lightfastness, with 235 of the colors rated LR I or II. They have excellent brushing properties, resulting in clear, clean washes even when colors are layered.

    Daniel Smith's PrimaTek Watercolors let you flood your work with antiquity's most precious hues, such as Hematite, Tiger's Eye, Rhodonite, and Lapis Lazuli — gemstones and minerals that have captured artists' imaginations for hundreds if not thousands of years. These colors are made with authentic mineral pigments. Their effects are amazing and diverse, from warm and subtle to sparkling and vibrant.

    The Extra Fine Luminescent Watercolors employ miniscule particles of titanium-coated mica to achieve their dazzling properties. Use them alone or mix them with standard colors for striking effects. Iridescent/Pearlescent colors appear almost colorless straight from the tube, but when applied over a dark ground they create a fascinating sense of depth, along with intense color and sheen. Interference colors take on different hues depending on how the light is striking them from various points of view. For example, Interference Green looks like a shimmering, pearly green from one angle, but from another refracts a reddish hue. Duochrome colors bounce between two distinct colors depending on the reflective light — pure visual excitement!

Series 2 Daniel Smith Fine Artist Watercolors 15mL