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8101 Warwick Avenue

Mon-Fri: 9-6:30
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Our Story

"Preston" isn't a location, it's our family name

   Roena and Andy Preston were born in the 1900s to humble farmers and Hungarian immigrants. A court reporter and an auto mechanic, they reached the highest level they could in their careers and decided it was time to branch out. One appealing option was to open a paint and wallpaper store in a quickly developing town in the region. For a variety of reasons, New Albany, IN was the best spot for Roena and Andy.

   The business opened in 1941 as Preston Paint and Wallpaper. The store's focus was obvious, but there were always at least a few art materials in the store for signwriters to layout and execute their work, but also artists oil paints and materials for their use during the off-season. After a devastating fire in the late 70s, Roena and Andy were ready to retire. They handed the reins over to Don and Kathy, who owned the store for 40 years and still work in the business today. In their time they have seen housepaint and wallpaper get taken over by large chains, the birth of auto-cad programs which eliminated the use of handmade artwork for technical designs, advertising and periodicals all going digital, and more. By staying focused on the needs of the customer and the community at large (on both sides of the river), they have been a fixture of the Louisville arts community like few others.