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The Masterson Sta-Wet Handy Palette saves you paint, money, and time by preserving the freshness of acrylics and other waterbased paints, both while you are painting and between painting sessions. Paints will stay moist on the open palette for hours. Once the lid is closed, the paints will stay in workable condition for days, even weeks.
The Handy Palette features a patented sponge insert and special permeable palette paper. Together they provide acrylic paints with a constant source of moisture. Simply moisten the sponge and lay it inside the tray, then place the palette paper on top. When the lid is open, your paints will have an extended open time. When the lid is snapped shut, the Handy Palette will maintain a moist atmosphere that preserves acrylic paints amazingly well. (For best results, use only Sta-Wet brand palette paper, which is permeable, cleanable, and reusable.) Made in the USA of tough yet lightweight plastic, the Masterson Sta-Wet Handy Palette measures 1"H × 8½"W × 7"D (2.5 cm × 21.3 cm × 17.5 cm) — the perfect size for small projects or the classroom. The Handy Palette comes with five Sta-Wet palette paper sheets and one sponge insert.

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