FineTec Watercolor Sets

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Lightfast and pigment-rich, the paint can adhere to a variety of surfaces including paper, wood, cardboard, clay and stone. They work well with brushes and dip pens; simply brush the color onto a nib to use it as calligraphy ink.

6-Color Iridescent Pixie Dust Set: gold, gold copper, light purple, amethyst, sapphire blue and jade green.

6-Color Pearlescent Metals Set: copper, bronze, olympic gold, Arabic gold, champagne silver and silver.

6-Color Pearlescent Cool Set: mint, high chroma blue, platinum, vintage lilac, emerald and patina.

6-Color Pearlescent Warm Set: hazelnut, golden rose, fuchsia, ruby, tangelo and autumn gold.

12-Color Pearlescent Rainbow Set: amethyst, blue silver, Caribbean green, crystal gold, deep black, mystic color, orange copper, pearl gold, pearl silver, purple, red and sapphire blue.

24-Color Pearlescent Colorful Set: includes silver, platinum, blue silver, deep black, patina, purple, fuschia, amethyst, high chroma blue, Caribbean green, mint, dark bronze, golden rose, orange copper, tangelo, twilight, ruby, red, crystal gold, Arabic gold, pearl gold, olympic gold, royal gold and bronze.

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