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8101 Warwick Avenue

Mon-Fri: 9-6:30
Sat: 9-5:30  //  Sun: 12-5

Intro to Oil / Studio with Wini Harrison 1/9-2/27 Mondays 6-9pm Louisville

Intro to Oils/Painting Studio: A beginning or review class of oil painting fundamentals. The student will explore color, materials and techniques (including glazing) and discuss safe studio practices,and the elements of art and principles of design to apply to a finished painting.

Week 1
-2: Discuss color theory, pigment qualities and color mixing. Complete color wheel and color grid

Week 3-4: Discuss painting materials and techniques. Complete value study and step by step oil painting

Week 5-8: Discuss elements of design. Choose subject and technical approach for main project. Complete final
painting on stretched canvas. Glaze grisaille.

Students must bring their own supplies. Click here for supply list.
Skill Level:
Materials Included:
separate supply list
Instructor Name:
Wini Harrison
Instructor Bio:
Wini Kemple Harrision is an artist based in the hills of Southern Indiana. She paints portraiture,
figurative work, still life, and landscape as what?s best described as romantic realism. Her
command of color and sense of place creates magic on the canvas.

She studied at the Indiana University Southeast where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with
concentrations in Drawing and Painting. After graduation, she did an Independent Study in
Printmaking. The process of layering transparencies in creating monotypes led her to develop
her glazing technique in oils. Glazing has added an extra richness to her work and has allowed
her to bring a unique experience to her students.

Wini has taught oil painting at Preston Art Center for more than 20 years and holds classes at
both the Louisville and Jeffersonville stores. She has led workshops representing Gamblin Artist
Oil Colors and has been an instructor of Children's Fine Arts Classes for Louisville Visual Arts. She
has also organized and directed oil painting studios at Southern Indiana Arts Center, the Mary
Anderson Center for the Arts, and other sites in the Louisville area.

Wini lives in Edwardsville, Indiana on the land that has been in her family for over 180 years. She
has had a lifelong love of drawing and fascination with color. As her students can confirm, color
is her superpower.

Intro to Oil / Studio with Wini Harrison 1/9-2/27 Mondays 6-9pm Louisville

$ 225.00
8 sessions