Fun For Kids

Preston Arts Center seeks to inspire all artists- from beginners to professionals. We have a wide range of products that are fun for kids of all ages!


Faber- Castell "Do Art" Drawing & Sketching

   A complete step-by-step beginner's guide to drawing & sketching. Learn to draw using Premium Quality Faber-Castell Art Materials.
   Contents Include: 4 Goldfaber Graphite Pencils: 6B, 2B, HB, 2H 3 Black Pens: Brush, Bullet, Fine 1 Plastic Zippered Storage Pouch, 20-page 6"x 8" Spiral Bound Sketchbook, 6 Sheets of 6"x 8" Colored Drawing Paper, 8 Sheets of 6" x 8" Vellum Paper, 1 6" x 8" Plastic Copy Grid, 1 Eraser and 1 Sharpener plus a 20-page Illustrated Instruction Book

   Ages: 9 and above

Faber- Castell "Do Art" Fizzy Paint Set

   This innovative painting kit allows for children to learn the basics of color and color mixing while incorporating a fantastic amount of fizzy fun! Add water to watch your fizzy paint bubble then use your brush to create beautiful watercolors. Explore making new colors with guided instructions and the mortar and pestle. Use your watercolors with wax crayons to make your own resist artwork. Handy storage containers allow you to keep your colors to use over and over again. Hang and display your art with the fun colorful frames included.
   Contents Include: 75 Fizzy Paint Tablets, 3 Duo Tip Markers 6 Colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue and Green 1 Ceramic Mortar & Pestle, 2 Wax Crayons, 2 Paint Brushes, 1 Spray Bottle, 1 Water Dropper, 9 Clear Plastic Containers, 15 Sheets of Art Paper, 10 Sheets of Watercolor Paper, 3 Cardboard Frames, Double-sided Sticky Foam and Clear Plastic Hang Tabs

   Ages: 8 and above

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Faber- Castell GRIP Colored EcoPencils

   Premium quality EcoPencils made from re-forested wood are highly pigmented for a richer color lay down. Colors are vibrant and blend easily. The ergonomic triangular shape with patented Soft-Grip zone ensures an easy, secure hold for fatigue-free and comfortable drawing. Leads are break-resistant and will not fall out. Easy to sharpen. The ideal children's colored pencil.

   Ages: 5 and above

Klutz Yarn Art Kit

   Weave some boho-chic into your room's décor! Using the custom frames, create 3 ready-to-hang works of art using 3 types of colorful yarn. Add fringe, felt, sequins, pom-poms, and beads to make each masterpiece your own. This kit will have you “yarn-ing” to make more!


Claytoon Modeling Clay

   Renowned for its smooth consistency and brilliant colors, Claytoon Modeling Clay has been featured in many award-winning claymation productions. Preferred by sculptors, modelmakers, animators, and artists of all ages, it remains pliable and never hardens, even if left out for days, weeks, even months. Claytoon also offers creative fun for young children, for family activities, and in classrooms.
   The 1 lb clay sets contain four different colors (4 oz each), each individually wrapped for freshness, plus easy-to-follow instructions. Or choose individual 1/4 lb packages in a variety of colors. Van Aken Claytoon Modeling Clay is safe, non-toxic, and gluten-free. It contains no chemicals that can be harmful to children or pets.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

   For kids and adults alike, is there any better fidget toy than Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty? Available in so many different colors and styles, this putty never dries out and can be kneaded and played with for hours on end. The Paper Store offers Crazy Aaron putties in multiple sizes, including regular and mini tins. No matter your personality or interests, Crazy Aaron is sure to have just the right putty for you.

   Of course, Crazy Aaron doesn’t stop at basic, solid-color thinking putty. (Would he really be “crazy” if he did?) Inspired by nature, art, science, and technology, he offers so many amazing choices, including sparkly, holiday-themed putty, shiny and metallic varieties, and even “liquid glass” that’s crystal clear! Have you ever heard of magnetic putty before? Well, you have now - Crazy Aaron’s makes special putty that can be manipulated by magnets! There are also opportunities for creative minds to play with light, thanks to putties that glow in the dark or change color when exposed to special UV lights. Whether you love mythical creatures, scientific experiments, or gorgeous, sparkling gemstones, there’s just the Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty to suit your needs.



Micador Sensory Drawing Pack

  • Includes everything needed to take your child on a sensory development adventure!

  • The packs are designed to: encourage sensory development, Develop fine motor skills, Promote imaginative play & emotional expression

  • The pack includes Softies Tri-Grip Crayons. powdery Egg Chalk, bumpy coloured card, shiny coloured card, rough glitter card, glossy plastic sheets, textured white art board and textured black art boards

  • Suitable for children aged 2+

Micador Besties Barnyard Marker Mates

  • Chunky grip markers in cute collectable character shapes - ideal for young children learning to draw.

  • The chunky grip barrels are easy for little hands to hold.

  • Markers have non-toxic, washable ink - so they are safe for young users.

  • Pack contains 6 markers.

  • Large safety caps and no end caps.

  • Sturdy tips that won't fray or break with rough treatment.

  • Long lasting ink reservoir.

  • A marker and a toy in one!


Micador Early stART Stuff For Painting

  • Includes 2 bubble gum brushes and three different sponge brushes

  • Cute colours are appealing to children.

  • Rounded, plastic handle shape provides an easy grip for little hands.

  • Ideal for use with most media.

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

  • Colors are bright and vivid, but wash easily from hands and most clothing. Mr. Sketch markers have twice the ink of most markers to last super long

  • The smooth flowing bevel tip makes sketching easier and draws in fine, medium or wide lines. The tip is sturdy to keep its shape even after months of coloring

  • The specially formulated, non bleeding water based ink is great for easels. It's safe for children and certified AP non toxic

  • Each color has its own fun scent that stays even after the ink dries so your keeps smelling as good as it looks. See product description for all color/scent combinations

  • Includes markers in all core colors (Magenta, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Turquoise, Light Blue, Blue, Light Purple, Purple, Brown, and Black)


I Dig It! Dino Eggs

   Each of these fun, low-priced dino egg excavation kits contain one plastic dinosaur model. The eggs are blind-packed, so it’s a surprise which of the 12 dinosaur figures you will get. A small chisel tool for digging the dino out of the egg and an instruction manual are included.